Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Welcome to My Beta Blog

A Pile of ideas off-line

The Web We Lost
I started this almost 10 years ago in July 2007 with a post called "Web 2.0 In Education". Although I was late to get blogging there was a vibrancy around on the Web at the time that encouraged me to get more active on-line with bogging - 2007 is also the year I started with twitter, Facebook, Google Pages and a whole lot more.

Gravitational Effects
The web we thought we had in the naugties has been lost in the gravitational pull of establishment ... the greedy, the rich, the powerful, corporate interests etc - social media has crossed the chasm and lost its innocence and all human life is there now - Facebook Streams a Murder, and Must Now Face Itself

A Return To Innocence
"Don't care what people say
Just follow your own way
Don't give up and use the chance

To return to innocence."
~ Enigma - Return To Innocence

"Gravitational effects" had pulled my blogging away from Web Logging and back into "articles" .. I had tried to lighten my main blog last year announcing "Naked: Back To The Spirit Of Blogging" but while sticking to a spirit of being "naked" ... i.e. being honest and just writing stuff, I didn't recover the immediacy of blogging.

I has been scribbling down ideas on pieces of paper over the last year intending to write the ideas up in full in one of my main blogs but the ideas came faster than I could write them up in a "full fat" blog post so I have decided to get back to innocence with this "beta blog" ... the intention being to scribble my ideas here to share - you are welcome to use them and write something from them and then write them up in more detail at some time in one of my other blogs.

Welcome to My Beta Blog

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