Wednesday, 12 April 2017

WebVR Is A Real Deal

Google have just updated Chrome to handle WebVR and launched a website for its WebVR experiments and demonstrations - see Google's post Come play with WebVR Experiments and check out the site at 

I've been playing VR ping pong  with nothing more than my Smartphone's browser and a cardboard VRviewer and its pretty good.

Why is WebVR such a big deal?
Its open and being based on the web means that 
- We can expect a lot of content to become available .. people can create once for content across devices (like the web)
- You only need a suitable browser to access it .. no need to download specific apps
- It can work across devices
- It can be updated quickly 
- It can connect to on-line resources ... . for example compute and data sources to provide AI and voice recognition
- It can connect with other users (or bots) for interactive, social and interactive experiences

The VR ping pong game is really nice but check out ‘Speak to Go’ at ... the Google AI based voice recognition really makes this a treat to use ... speak and you can go travel hands free to places around the world and in VR you can look around as if you are there and in Streetview style look at the arrows to move.

Combined with Cardboard WebVR provides a great low entry for access to virtual reality.

The only downside is that you have to be on-line to run WebVR.

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