Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Web 2.0 Update

The college division which responded earlier has come up with some great ideas for extension in their area. It’s always very satisfying to watch ideas be developed by others.

The division is a communications subject area and Web 2.0 spaces are very relevant – students publishing ideas, reports, cross site, cross discipline, cross organisation and global assignment work instantly becomes possible.

Safe computing is always an issue. Rather than duck our responsibility and try to ignore and ban the use of such systems we can teach safe use through them. By experience with the systems the students can appreciate the dangers involved – how easy it is to fake an identity for example.

This area has suggested these “rules of engagement” for it’s students
- choose a fun name - don't use your own
- choose a cartoon or logo - don't use your own photo
- don't write something you wouldn't say out loud in the classroom

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