Tuesday, 12 June 2007

A watershed period in IT and Education

The present period reminds me of the early days of the Internet when we first got to use email and of the first days of the web when we first got to publish and link pages. There is a lot of excitement, a lot of fast development and lots of potential.

The competition between Google and Microsoft has invigorated both companies and great products are coming out of both – to our benefit. The energy and ability at Google are making Microsoft act like the underdog again and they are getting back some of that drive and focus they have lacked since the launches of Windows and XP. However, the action on the web really is with Google at the moment.

I feels like a watershed moment – step forward and go with the current.

Education recognises that we need to develop real world skills in our future people. Skills to live in a dynamic, complex, fast changing world with information levels far greater than today. Education needs to develop our people’s skills in just in time learning, problem solving, problem management , communication and information management.

Most of all education needs to develop skills for people to learn how to learn.

The argument for the teacher’s role to change from teacher to facilitator needs to be extended to the educational organisation – the organisation needs to facilitate learning for staff and students (wait for the blog on this one).

So here we have it - disruptive forces in both IT and education at the same time – a very interesting period for students and teachers.

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