Saturday, 22 April 2017

Future Perfect

The Well Oiled Machine

Decisions, decisions decisions .. "what do I do next" ... choice and freedom can be stressful - freedom can be a burden ... "let the train take the strain" ... get with the program, follow the program  ... let the machine take your burden.

Zimbardo and Milgram showed just how susceptible the majority of people are to following the program - something that has been demonstrated more recently with robots and algorithms as the authority figures - the machine is rule bound and predictable - it doesn't have tantrums or grudges.

The machine is also efficient - a robot can schedule your work to be most effective - the algorithm will route you around obstacles - you never need experience frustration or failure if you follow the program.

In education the robot teacher and managed learning environment will drip feed your personalised content at exactly the right level and right pace - learn from success ... everyone is a winner!

The world will be a "well oiled machine" efficiently scheduled, organised and programmed by all knowing machines that always have the correct answer - the world will be perfect - you will be free.

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